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I’m Dr Stacey Richards, a licensed naturopathic doctor, with a primary focus in stress triggered behaviors, and creator of The SMRT Method. I’m dedicated to helping you end the battle with temptation, so you can feel at ease with your choices and regain vibrant health and energy in your body and mind.

So, what exactly are stress-triggered behaviors?

Most women can relate to feeling stressed overwhelmed out don’t realize that the emotional experience of stress can translate to disrupted hormones in the brain-creating a frustrating cycle of bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Here are some ways that stress-triggered behaviors can manifest:


Caving into food or sugar cravings


Pouring just one more glass of wine


Gambling after telling yourself you wouldn't


Hitting the snooze button instead of heading to your workout


Tossing and turning with sleepless nights


Dragging through the day feeling drained


Feeling moody and snapping at loved ones


Gaining weight struggling with unexplained symptoms

Ready for the good news?

You can end stress-triggered behaviors when we correct the hormonal imbalances driving them.

Ways We Can Work Together

The 5-Week Stress Reset

It isn’t about eliminating stress, It’s about stress in a more helpful and balanced way. This online course empowers you with the latest techniques to optimize your body’s stress resilience through Dr. Richard’s Foundational 5

1:1 Transformational Care

Stress can disrupt everything from brain function to sex hormones to gut health. With advanced testing and a customized plan, We can correct what’s driving stress-triggered behaviors and health struggles. This highly personalized program guides you through Dr. Richard’s SMRT Method to regain your vibrant health and find your flow state.

Free Masterclass

The truth is WLL POWER is not enough. We all start off with great intentions. The GOAL: Get your health or life on track. You plan to apply all these great lifestyle changes – you wake up at 5 am head to the gym/yoga; fasting; avoid sugar, alcohol, smoking and any other habits that will help us get to our goals. Suddenly, life happens, and you find yourself with a bag of cookies or a bottle of wine or yelling at your loved ones. When the dust settles you wonder what went wrong because you were on top of it then suddenly you are not. All your good intentions went out the window. You are now upset at yourself, cranky and still not where you see your health. Many of us have been there. This MASTERCLASS will break this all down and teach you everything you need to know about breaking this cycle to live the life you truly DESERVE. Break the pattern to find EASE and in CONTROL of your LIFE.

Free Self Assessment & Guide!

What Your Stress Type Says About You

Did you know that stress-triggered behaviors are often a form of self-therapy?

Take this assessment to discover your stress type. Then next time you feel triggered, you’ll know exactly what to do that will be helpful instead of harmful.

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